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We provide affordable, well-designed sites customised to your needs. Our sites are easy to maintain & we will work through your needs every step of the way.

The Team

Alex Grant - Managing Director


Alex comes from a background of IT Support, sales and consulting. Alex has 10+ years experience in the IT Support and consulting industry providing tailored solutions to businesses across their whole infastructure from IT systems right through to websites and branding. Seeing the struggles of his customers to find good quality and affordable branding, the idea for EasyWeb was born to fill the gap. Alex is driven by the satisfaction of seeing customer's businesses reach their full potential with their IT infastructure and breaking through to their target customers. In his spare time Alex enjoys live music, soccer, gaming and the occasional snowboard trip.

Kae Wan - Digital Specialist / Web Developer


I am a Digital Specialist / Web Developer here at Easy Web. I was born in Malaysia and grew up in New Zealand. I have had an interest in web development since I was about 11 years old. I have tertiary qualifications in both Web Development and Marketing. I have accumulated more than 9+ years of commercial experience and I am still loving it. In my spare time, you would normally find me walking / playing with my puppy, gaming, enjoying watching a game of rugby (all kinds), movie, cartoons, anime, and playing around on my guitar.